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June 13, 2018

A new fitness movement is coming to Sydney! Here's all you need to know about ZADI Training

ZADI workouts are designed for "badass" females. Are you ready to give it a go?
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First there was jazzercise—rocking out to Richard Simmons or Jane Fonda with your hand-knitted rainbow legs warmers (okay, maybe you're not quite that old, and that was your mother!) Next came Tae-bo and a variety of all empowering kick boxing/martial art, non-contact classes to punch, hook and uppercut your way to rock-hard abs.  While at home, Zumba, Turbo Jam and Hip-Hop Abs with Sean T were teaching you to tilt, tuck and tighten; at the gym we were learning how high intensity interval training could amp up your exercise results.

Fast forward to 2000 and CrossFit was taking the entire world by storm and has since continued to dominate the fitness world with variants like Zuu, F45 and Tabata. However hold on to your leotards, there’s a new fitness trend about shake up the HIIT and functional training world. 

Please give a warm round of applause to ZADI.

Promising to be a game changer, ZADI is a bespoke fitness studio with the advanced real-time, heart rate monitoring in a smaller group environment (A nice way of saying there’s less chance for you to slack off because your ZADI instructor WILL notice with a cap of 16 per group). Think circuit training designed to boost your metabolism, combined with a nightclub atmosphere and fresh workouts every single day to help eliminate the boredom that often accompanies when you do the same old exercises. 

ZADI workouts are designed for "badass" females by fitness guru and exercise scientist Damien Kelly using Technogym equipment and custom technology exclusive to ZADI studios. The workouts include all the essential elements you look for in a workout—cardio, core, functional strength, flexibility and booty shaping. That's right, there's a HIIT Core & Booty element  to help you squat your way to a firm butt. But wait—that's not all, Stretch & Recover classes ensure you don’t spend the next couple of days feeling like you’ve got rigamortus.

ZADI training was co-founded by personal trainer/Fernwood Fitness franchisee Adala Bolto and the CEO of Australia's No.1 female-only gym Fernwood Fitness, Diana Williams.

This exercise revolution is still fairly new in Australia with only two studios in Sydney—Surry Hills and Neutral Bay, but as word spreads, there’s bound to be more. If you're interested in what's being described as 'Exercise Science' made sexy and want to be part of the new ZADI training movement by investing in a franchise, there's plenty of opportunities still available.

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