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July 18, 2018

Why you must try SMASH Boxing

Feel empowered with the latest in boxing fitness
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Bad day at work?

Well there's nothing quite like taking out your aggression at SMASH Boxing! Just imagine your bosses head is the punching bag and unleash your inner Muhammed Ali. Float like a butterfly when you bounce on your toes and sting like a bee when you slam the bag.

Sydney’s leading fitness and yoga studio Flow Athletic has just launched their brand-new boxing-inspired class. It’s a switch up from the typical Les Mills Body Combat, you train like you’re an actual boxer. Instead of the usual heavy boxing bags, SMASH uses Aqua Bags—hugely popular in the USA. Aqua bags have rose to popularity thanks to Rumble Boxing in New York City. The teardrop-shaped punching bags—as the name suggests—are filled with water which means that you’re less likely to hurt yourself when you unleash (especially if it’s your first boxing class). This means less impact on your joints and more positive resistance. It’s a great workout that will leave you feeling empowered like you could actually take on Jeff Horn and win. It will also help you develop defined legs and abs of steel (if you keep it up!) just to add an extra bonus to the mix!

Classes run for 45 minutes and cater to up to 30 in each class. Small enough to get noticed if you’re slacking and big enough so you don’t feel self-conscious if you’re uncoordinated. Each class is a combo of Boxing, HIIT cardio, and functional strength bouts, so there’s something for everyone.

The classes debuted on June 30 and had an amazing turnout! The reviews are in and it’s certainly getting the thumbs up. If you’d like to experience SMASH Boxing, check out Flow Athletic for the timetable. Smash some calories while having fun and getting fit.

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