What’s stopping you and how do you even get started again?
June 26, 2018

What's stopping you from exercising?

What’s stopping you and how do you even get started again?

Once upon a time, maybe you used to be a gym bunny, but now for whatever reason (and we’ve heard all the excuses before), you’ve fallen off the wagon. Whether your jeans are slightly too tight that they’ve started to cut off the circulation to your brain, or you’ve discovered you’ve got a a little more love on the handles, there are hundreds of reasons why people stop exercising. But what’s stopping you and how do you even get started again?

One of the most common reasons most people throw in the towel can be attributed to injuries—aches, pains, strains, and sprains. It can be more difficult to come back from more serious injuries like ITB Syndrome, shin splints, and Achilles issues. However working with a physiotherapist can help ensure you strengthen the weak areas, and get back into a routine without overdoing it. In the meantime, find something you can do—even if it is seated aerobics. Check out FITtopia to find an expert in your area.

Lack of confidence
When you’re feeling out of shape, it can sometimes feel demoralising working out amongst the beautiful, muscly, activewear people where there are gigantic mirrors lining the wall. Believe it or not, as fascinating as you think you are to stare at, most people are too busy working out to pay much attention to anyone but themselves. But if being uncomfortable is stopping you from exercising, join a ladies-only gym or find alternative places to workout, such as outdoor gyms, walking, swimming or set up a home gym. Lean Bean Fitness, ZADIBarre Attack are all awesome options. 

If your inner sloth is getting the better of you and the closest you’re getting to exercise is searching for the TV remote when it’s missing, you need a friend or personal trainer that will hold you accountable. A gym buddy will keep you honest and nag you when you’re inventing excuses as to why you can’t fit in a workout. A gym buddy will push you when you’ve done five minutes on the treadmill and want to lie down and die. Accountability is a powerful motivator. We all need a  friend that sits in your driveway at 5.30am honking the horn and making sure you get for an early morning workout.

Time Poor
We’re all busy! We all have places to go, people to see, juggling kids, family life and work. It can be hard getting a perfect balance, but often the first thing to give is your exercise routine. If you are really pushed for time, build incidental exercises into your day—squat while waiting for the photocopier, walk at lunchtime, take the stairs instead of the lift

Too expensive
You don’t have to sign up for an expensive gym membership. Visit one of the many outdoor gyms, all of which are free to use. Walk or swim, that’s free. And if you want to pump weights, find something heavy in your garage, cans of spaghetti or use your own body weight. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Get past making excuses and simply get on with it. Once you get into a routine, you may even start to enjoy exercising.


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