So many options, so little time!
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October 24, 2018

The top ten yoga and Pilates studios in Perth!

So many options, so little time!
Yoga in perth2

Way over on the other side of the country, a recent trip to sunny Perth in Western Australia led us to discover 10 of the most incredible yoga and pilates studios. Here were our top picks, what do you think? 


The Yoga Garage

Locations: Scarborough Beach 

Glide Yoga

Locations: Claremont  

Yoga Tree

Locations: Victoria Park, Joondalup

yoga in perth 2

Yoga Harmony

Locations: Bedford

Yoga Hub

Locations: Mt Hawthorn 

Yoga Corner

Locations: Duncraig



The Movement Society

Locations: Cottesloe, Freemantle 

MVMT society

New You Pilates

Locations: Sorrento

Vital Wellness Pilates

Locations: Perth CBD

The Perth Pilates Studio

Locations: North Perth

Essence Body Works

Locations: South Perth 

While it's awesome to workout in a group environment, it can sometimes be nice to workout alone from the comfort of your own home too. There’s where The Movement Society  omes to play. They are Perth based and offer an online program allowing you to conduct a single session or a 10-week session pack - try it from home no matter where you are in the world!

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VMT society


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