For those who would benefit from being held accountable!
July 31, 2018

The fitness app that will virtually slap fast food from your hands

For those who would benefit from being held accountable!
Sam wood2

Sam Wood, personal trainer and creator of the highly successful health and wellness program 28 by Sam Wood is now turning his attention to technology. The 28 program continues to evolve and on Wednesday 25 July 2018, Sam launched the brand new 28 app in spectacular style. Wood describes it as having a 'personal trainer in your pocket'.

“There’s no escaping now. You’ll get live videos from me every day, the accountability you need and a load of other brilliant features and motivation to help you hit those goals.”

Wood told the Sydney Morning Herald there’s still improvements to come. The advanced technology is still a while off but eventually, the app on your Apple Watch will be able to tell you are at a fast food outlet. “My voice will come out and say 'is that really the best choice? Here are three healthy options within a one-kilometer radius.”

Our resident FITTopia gurus attended the launch which took place on Sydney’s spectacular harbour on board the Cruise Bar. Along with the absolutely beautiful food, drinks, and scenery, there was time for a morning workout.

To learn more about the app, click here


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