And dogs!
December 13, 2018

Why you should break up your work day with exercise

And dogs!
Om Collective

Getting out of the office at any point of the day can be a challenge, but we finally decided to duck out for a lunchtime yoga class and it changed our lives!... Okay, slight exaggeration but we couldn’t recommend OM Collective Sydney more.

Om Collective Two2

Tucked away up a stairwell and off a main road in Alexandria, you will find the most peaceful and tranquil space. OM Collective Sydney is a boutique yoga studio for everyone no matter what your experience level or age group. 

As we walked into the space we were greeted by ‘Beefy’, the studio dog, once you see Beefy’s appearance you’ll laugh as he is far from Beefy, although he does have a big personality. We were welcomed warmly by the studio owner, Mirinda, who made us feel very comfortable. We gathered our mats with our yoga props and blankets we began to get into the zone of relaxation and let our busy ‘work minds’ unwind for the next 45 minutes.

The class we tried was called Hatha, which was a style of yoga we were unfamiliar with but we were told it is the easiest to adapt too. Hatha Yoga is a nourishing, gentle style that focuses on breath and stability. Suitable for all levels, especially beginners and those of you wanting to re-familiarise yourself with the poses and build strength mentally & physically with long holds. Throughout the class we really let go and freed our minds of any stress we may have had throughout the morning.

The movement of Hatha compared to Vinyasa (which is the style I'm sure many of your have done in the past), is structured with very focused, slow and conscious movements, using the breath as your guide. I can admit at the start of the class I was a little sceptical as to whether I would be able to switch off but to my surprise, I left the class feeling like I was walking on a cloud. So to anyone who is thinking about trying a lunch time yoga class, do it! I went into the afternoon feeling focused and more creative and I hope you do too.

By Andonia Kailis

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