Serious #inspo ahead!
July 03, 2018

Getting to Know Molly Kat Gay

Some serious #inspo
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Today we interviewed one of our very favourite instructors and #inspos Molly Kat Gay.

Molly instructs at The Well, LaPorte Space, SOHO Inspired Body, Barry's Surry Hills and Barry's Martin Place - teaching Barre Burn, Pilates Circuits, Pilates Reformer, Barry's, Mat Pilates and will be doing some workshops early next year.

What does the first 90 minutes of your day look like? 

My morning routine varies from day to day. I usually wake up around 5am and make myself breakfast right away (I know, it’s weird). I wish I could say that I’m au natural in the AM, and drink a beautiful lemon water concoction, but I’m not - I like coffee, a lot and straight away. I’ll head to the gym and spend the first 30 minutes reviewing what I have planned for the class - to see if the sequences feel good first thing in the morning or if anything should be added. From there, I start teaching! 

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What’s one unique thing that you do every day that may surprise people? 

I love my beauty and brain powders. I religiously consume the beauty chef’s glow powder, vital greens powder, and Moon Juice’s Brain Dust. There’s no way it’s all placebo, too many people have had great results with all of products.

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What is your day on a plate for a normal day? 

Listen, nobody is perfect and I’m certainly not. I used to be very strict about not consuming any sugar - artificial or high Sugar fruits. I’ve slowly come to let myself enjoy the little moments where I’ve taken a cheeky bite (or 5) of my favourite desserts (brownie with vanilla ice cream, in case you’re wondering). But I try to eat healthy regardless. The meals will vary, but I don’t eat meat for breakfast or carbs for lunch.

Do you have any health philosophies that you live by? 

Health and fitness are a privilege, not a punishment - so if you don’t like how you’re training or eating, find another variation that you love. Have fun, and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Your favourite places 

The Italian coast, or mountainside in Colorado. 

Where do you travel to the most and what is your favourite healthy spot to visit there? 

Back home to the land of tornadoes, Kansas! I truly love going back home – the city seems to get cooler each time I return. There are a few great juice bars, Pilates studios and health cafes tucked into downtown.

What are your top health spots near home? 

Nimbus & Co, The Well Bondi & Barry's Bootcamp and To Wonderland Wellness Spa for some lymphatic treatments.

Favourite cheat-meal? 

Almond and chocolate croissants with way too much black coffee.

What is the best health treatment you have ever had and why? 

Lymphatic massages! I’m actually obsessed. You can truly feel the difference in your internal equilibrium. The debloating factor isn’t bad either!

Best workout you have ever done and why did you love it? 

Don’t make me choose! I love different workouts for different reasons. I also feel like I can do the same workout in different mindsets and get different results each time.

Fun Facts

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Do you have a hack to help you with stress, eating well and exercise?

Stress: Give yourself 30 minutes of ‘whatever the hell I want’ time. You can’t produce good work when you’re not in the correct mindset, so allow yourself to decompress then get back in it, but with twice as much concentration.

Eating well: Do your research and plan. I eat 2/3 meals a day on the go, which makes a lot of room for needing takeout. If you can’t take your lunch, you can’t take your lunch - don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Do your research about healthy cafes in the area. If there are none, make an extra effort to bring your own food. 

Missing exercise: Every minute counts. Try a quick, 10-minute workout to get super sweaty super quickly. Take the stairs and try to walk everywhere.

What's one thing people probably don't know about you? 

I was a cheerleader for about 7 years! That’s what originally got me into fitness – you have to be crazy strong and precise with form to do all of the tumbling and stunting.

Do you have any habits that your friends think are weird? 

It’s so bad, but I stay up really late, not matter the wake up time. I also have this love for falling asleep on couches over beds.

The last book you read? 

Less. And I’m currently reading Self-care in the Real World.

How do you unwind? 

Literally any time spent hanging out with my husband is relaxing and well spent.

About Molly Kat Gay 

Molly’s belief is that feeling good on the inside is the secret to looking good on the outside. After spending years as a model in NYC, she moved to Sydney and pursued a career as a Pilates instructor. You can now find her teaching Reformer Pilates and Barre Burn at The Well Bondi, as well as Barre and HIIT classes at Lean Bean Fitness. In her spare time, Molly is the Features Editor for Beauticate, a social media manager, and Nutrition student.

You can follow Molly on Instagram here

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