There's a new way to burn up to 800 calories in approximately 3 minutes flat without breaking into a sweat!
November 12, 2018

How to burn 800 calories without setting foot in a gym

There's a new way to burn up to 800 calories in approximately 3 minutes flat without breaking into a sweat!
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As you’re slogging it out at your local gym feeling like death is imminent and wondering if there’s an easier way to burn 800 calories? Turns out—there is. And you don’t have to set foot in a gym.

According to Shaun Button, owner and founder of Sydney’s sports recovery centre KOA Recovery, assured us you can burn up to 800 calories in a 3-minute cryotherapy session. The good news is you only have to stand in a cryo sauna and expose your skin to freezing temperatures. Sounds easy enough? And you’ll emerge feeling reinvigorated and euphoric, almost like you’re hyped up on caffeine.

The extreme temperatures boost your metabolism as it tries to regulate your body temperature. It’s also believed to pep up your mood and improve skin tone.

The treatment was initially developed to help manage painful inflammatory conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis, but additional research has discovered it can also help the body recover post-workout and burn calories. Ice has always been used to help the healing process. Back in the days of ancient Greece, Hippocrates was believed to recommend the use of ice and snow to treat inflammation and pain. From its humble beginnings, cryotherapy has become a modern treatment, Hollywood A-listers and sporting legends swear by.

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“Like most treatments, for it to work for pain and injury, the key is consistency—just like your training,” Shaun said. “Try to do 10 sessions first month if you are actually unwell or injured.”

You don’t have to nude up to get in the cryo sauna. You have the option of wearing your underwear or swimwear. And KOA Recovery provide thermal socks and gloves, boots and a robe, so you can enter and exit the chamber without feeling self-conscious

10 sessions are $650, and while they may seem like a lot, it’s only $65 a session, and think of the amazing benefits you get from it. If you’re not sure whether cryotherapy is really your sort of thing, new clients can get an introductory offer for $120 for 2 sessions.

KOA Recovery is located at Shop 1, 143-159 Botany Road, Waterloo 

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