Getting to know Tegan Martin
July 17, 2018

Getting to Know Tegan Martin

Love this girl!
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Today we spent a few minutes with the stunning model and former Miss Universe contestant Tegan Martin. She was good enough to share some of her tips and tricks with us as well as her favourite places.

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Do you have a morning routine? 

My morning routine is what keeps me going! 

I generally try and book my work in from 10am onwards so I can let my body wake naturally without an alarm, I usually wake around the same time everyday and then it's straight to my backyard with my hot lemon water to do some deep breathing and take in some fresh air.

After this I say my mantra out loud (it changes weekly) 20 times and do a quick walk around the block to set my intentions for the day. Then into the day I go! 

What is one unique thing that you do every day or every week that may surprise people? 

Meditation, I know it’s a trend at the moment but it has really helped me with my mental clarity and energy. I also have gotten up the courage to give myself B12 shots at times when my energy is feeling low, this has been LIFE CHANGING. 

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What is your day on a plate for a normal day? 

My normal day on a plate is gluten free Brookevale porridge for breakfast (sometimes I have a coffee with Melrose MCT oil in it). 

Lunch is a Syndian Rice or veggie pattie with salad from my little organic garden.

Dinner is usually a homemade soup or something light. I snack on nuts, veggie sticks, rice cakes and fruit. 

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Do you have any health philosophies that you live by? 

Look good feel good! I have just partnered with Tazzana beauty as their new ambassador, it’s the perfect fit for me because once upon a time I was actually a hairdresser working in a beauty salon. I used to treat my clients to a tan or new hairstyle and watch their confidence improve before my eyes! It really is amazing what a blowdry or facial can do to improve your mood!

It ‘s certainly not about looking perfect but just feeling good within yourself. 

Where do you travel to the most and what is your favourite healthy spot to visit there?  

I travel to Newcastle all the time to see my friends and family and my favorite little health cafe is Blue Door! The food caters for allergies and health fanatics like myself!

What are your top health spots near home? 

I spend a lot of time at detoxologiein Bondi Junction and Cali Press for my food and treats. 

Favourite cheat-meal? 

Loving earth caramel chocolate! YES!!! I eat it by the bucketload haha. 

Best workout you have ever done and why did you love it?  

I’ve been doing Barre Body recently. They have just released a newclass called “elements” that has three elements to it SWEAT, SCULPT and STILL. It essentially helps burn, tone and calm the mind all in one class, its genius! My partners 6W2S program is pretty amazing for fast-track weight loss too!    

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Do you have a hack to help you with stress, eating well when you are busy?

Whenever I feel overly stressed or like I am going to fall into poor eating habits, I reach out to my coach David Lomman and book in a session. 

David takes me through and teaches me how to take myself through visualization techniques that can really help with binging or drowning in my emotions. I do it all over facetime and I honestly don’t know what I would do without his support and guidance!  

What's one thing people probably don't know about you?

I’m actually a massive TOMBOY. People think I’m quite girly but I love getting out and having a game of bball or footy with the boys. 

The last book you read? 

Medical Medium Anthony William. 

How do you unwind?  

I have a few breathing exercises that I turn to when I need to unwind. I am also very into my essential oils and they are amazing to use to unwind. 

Check Tegan out at where she shares all of her health and healing hacks. There are some great ones up there!


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