5 Minutes with Lia Jones
June 15, 2018

Getting to Know Lia Jones

Find out more about Sydney trainer Lia Jones!
Lia Jones

Introducing one of our favourite girls to follow on instagram!

Lia Jones (or @fitmejones) is a personal trainer and boxing coach. She helps to keep Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou in tip-top shape shape and posts some seriously cool 'street style' fitness images on social.

Here's what she had to say!

Lia Jones Sydney PT Two

Do you have a morning routine?

My morning routine is waking up at 5am. The first thing I think of is a cup of English breakfast tea and then I make my way to my personal training sessions. 

What is one unique thing that you do every day that may surprise people?

I do 15 mins of core work every single day, and I have an extremely strong core as a result. I’m a strong believer it’s where all your strength comes from.

Do you have any health philosophies that you live by?

I believe balance is the key to everything. And that the secret to success is found in your daily routine. Even on the days you don’t feel like it, just do your best so you can create routine, habit & consistency. 

Where do you travel to the most and what is your favourite healthy spot to visit there?

Ibiza! It’s where I grew up as a kid, so I like to go back every couple of years to see friends and family. Also so far I think it’s the most magical place in the world. There’s something special about the island. 

My favourite healthy spot to visit there is this beach called Cala de Hort which looks over the famous rock “Es Vedra”. As soon as you drive down the hill- the turquoise water hits you and there’s just this zen feeling... I get goosebumps every time and I could sit there all day.

What are your top health spots near home?

Coogee stairs- they are a killer! 

Rushcutters bay park- most beautiful park to train in Sydney I think. And it also has a good outdoor gym area. 

The bay run- I just love it! 

Favourite cheat-meal?

Emmm.... Milk chocolate! 

What is the best health treatment you have ever had and why?

I love infrared saunas, they are great for detoxifying and relaxing and it helps my skin. 

Best workout you have ever done and why did you love it?

Would have to be anything to do with boxing and learning new skills and pad work. I’ve loved the journey so far and have got so much to improve on. Your always learning something new. The variety with boxing is endless.

Do you have a hack to help you with stress?

My hack to help me with stress would be getting to bed early and getting enough sleep. There’s nothing like waking up from a good nights sleep. I feel refreshed, rested and motivated to tackle the day. 

I make sure I have some time for myself and do things that calm me so I can get to sleep. 

What's one thing people probably don't know about you?

That I speak Spanish & German 

Do you have any habits that your friends think are weird? 

Ha ha! Loads! All of my friends think I’m weird- I’d be the weirdest one out of my friends. 

But maybe one that comes to mind would be my accents & impersonations. I’m not afraid to make a fool of myself. 

The last book you read?

A Dogs Purpose - by: W Bruce Cameron.  It’s an easy read and it’s a beautiful story. 

Lia Jones Sydney PT2

How do you unwind? 

With a cup of tea!



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