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Need a dose of workout inspo? Look no further! Here are some of our favourite ‘insta-fit’ chicks that you need to follow now!


Vix Fit Life

One of the fittest chicks in Sydney, Victoria, who is one of the 98 Gym trainers, shares her health and fitness tips, tricks and workouts. If you are looking for some new workouts to try, look no further!


Tanya Poppett 2017 09 17 at 10.53.43 am copy

One of the most beautiful fitness pages on instagram, Tanya Poppett shares some great inspirational images, quotes and workouts. Tanya also has her own workout app, Train with Tanya which features challenging workouts that can be done anytime, anywhere.


Lauren hannaford at 10.54.52 am copy

The former elite gymnast shares some impressive imagery of poses as well as workout, food and lifestyle shots that will certainly get you motivated! Lauren has also created her own gymnastics inspired workout called FHIT with Loz which is now available as an app. The warm up is ‘as tough as most peoples workouts’, so expect a challenging but very fun session!


Mel Corlett at 10.58.35 am copy

Melanie is super strong. She specialises in heavy weight training and setting the record straight on a lot of health and fitness myths. Mel is the founder of a high performance women’s only weight gym in Sydney called Women of Treign. It’s one to watch!


Libby babet and the BUF Girls 10.58.59 am copy

One of Sydney’s top trainers and the face of the most recent Biggest Loser, Libby Babet is one trainer in Sydney who ticks all the boxes. She is the founder of Agoga, which bases all of their workouts off of high performing athletes, she is the owner of BUF girls, a successful bootcamp which is Australia wide and she is regularly featured in top magazines and websites as a leading fitness expert. Follow Libby for some fun and a daily dose of fit-spiration!


Veronika Larisova 10.59.36 am copy

An Exercise Physiologist and elite runner, follow Veronika for some serious inspo, especially if you are into nature or running. Her instagram features her running in a series of beautiful and picturesque places


kate kendall10.59.59 am copy

Australia’s #1 yoga instructor and the face of the famous FLOW AFTER DARK Silent Yoga discos is a must follow. Kate is often hosting events for Blackmores as well as various retreats around the world so keep an eye on what she will do next by checking out her page!



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