Forget Tinder or speed-dating- ExerDating is going to revoluntionise your love life.
September 13, 2018

ExerDating! It’s acutally a thing!

Forget Tinder or speed-dating- ExerDating is going to revoluntionise your love life.
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First there was speed-dating and then along came Table For Six where you go out for dinner with random strangers and let love blossom over a candlelight meal. Now there’s ExerDating and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

It’s dating while exercising- and you thought eating in front of someone was awkward!

Now it seems the trend is to let them see you red-faced and sweaty. Not all of us were blessed with the ability to work out and look fresh-faced and dewy. Oh no! Some of us turn the colour of fire engines and it takes days for us to wash away that ‘I’ve just worked out’ look. Ain’t nothing sexy about that, but it certainly leaves room for improvement.

ExerDating was spawned from the desperate need for better time efficiency. You can work out and have a date effectively killing two birds with one stone. So those age old excuses of “I don’t have time for a relationship” or “I’m too busy to exercise”, no longer hold any weight.

Exercising together can reveal personality traits about your potential partner that you wouldn’t normally see if you were on a movie night or dinner date.

1) Do they chuck in the towel when the going gets tough?
2) Are they far too busy checking themselves out in the gym mirror?
3) Are they distracted by every pretty girl/good looking guy that walks past clad in Lycra?
5) Do they become your own personal cheer squad?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re locking eyes for the first time in downward dog, or been married for 20 years, ExerDating’s for everyone. Experts firmly believe that couples who sweat together stay together. It also provides you with shared experiences providing a common bond. The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology reported on studies conducted in 1974 which revealed the body exhibits similar reactions during exercise as it does when you are aroused by someone—pounding heart, sweaty palms, and rapid pulse. Funnily enough, the brain can misinterpret the effects of exercise as sexual/romantic arousal. So you’d be mad to not use this to your advantage.

So if you’ve been fancying someone for a while now and wondering how to get them to be seduced by your feminine wiles or manly charisma, organise an ExerDate. Let us know how you get on.

There are plenty of fun things to do rather than just hit the gym.

Yoga class
Indoor rock climbing
Scuba Diving
Tough Mudder
Walking your dog
Salsa dancing
Ice or rollerskating
Fun run
High ropes course




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