Couldn't think of a better local to ask!
November 22, 2018

Cassey Maynard Shares Her Top 5 Health Spots in Bondi

Couldn't think of a better local to ask!
Cassey maynard2

Looking to enjoy a day in the 'bubble'? When it comes to health and fitness in Bondi, our girl Cassey has it all mapped out!

Here's what she recommends. If you have been make sure that you review them to tell us your thoughts!

Brunch @ Bennett St Dairy, Always fresh healthy meals, awesome service and great vibes in the cafe.

Bennett st dairy
Workout @ BUF girls studio - Epic workouts, fun beats and girls only!
BUF studio
Relax by getting a Mani and pedi at Bondi Nails. I love to turn my phone off for an hour and be pampered. It's one way I love to feed my soul!
Cassey maynard nails
Smoothie @ Cali Press - It's my go to lunch on the run. Tasty, healthy and easy to grab and dash.
cali press
Sauna @ Nimbus & Co - Another time out for me. Detoxing my body and mind. Added bonus is when I meditate in the sauna! BLISSSSSSS

Libby Babet Cassey Maynard 



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