March 28, 2018

An Interview With Eat Clean Author, Luke Hines

He was also Angie Jolie's personal food consultant!
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We got the opportunity to speak to Luke Hines, The Clean-Living Cook, who you may remember from My Kitchen Rules. Luke has since gone on to write 6 top selling Clean Living cookbooks, worked with Angelina Jolie as a training and food consultant, became the personal trainer on Australia's Next Top Model and runner up in 2015’s Celebrity Men’s Health Man of The Year. 

Luke’s message is simple “live your best life through clean living!”. This down to earth, back to basics approach, background in health and fitness partnered with his genuine passion for celebrating real food and inspiring others to be the best version of themselves has lead him to be the top of his industry. Here’s what he had to say:

What does your ideal FITtopia day look like (aka your dream healthy day)?

Each day starts early. Very early. Now I am talking 4am early. But that is how I love it. Because I naturally go to bed early I love getting up and hitting a workout before the sun rises. The best part about this is I can have the coffee in hand and be ankle deep in salt water at the beach for post training feels. My day is spent working away on my laptop, creating recipe in my test kitchen, creating video content, and of course the obligatory ‘must stop work and cuddle my dog Chia’ breaks. She gives me a look when its time hah! In between all of this is good healthy feeds, yummy treats and a swim if I am extra lucky!

Has eating healthy always been a part of your lifestyle or was there a turning point in your life?

Funny you should ask because I actually grew up with the nickname Buddha at school. I really struggled with my weight and my big belly not only earnt me that nickname, but also a low self-esteem and lack of enthusiasm for sports. It was once I finished school I discovered how good the gym and looking after myself with real food was! Needless to say, I got pretty into it becoming a PT and then MKR took me down the healthy cooking route and I am certainly not looking back! I think because I have been on the other side, struggling with my wellbeing, I enjoy helping people even more. 

What advice would you give to people who want to start living a healthier life? 

Make small positive steps each and every day and those steps leads to bigger long term change. The risk some people take if they go too hard, too fast is that they burn out. My tips are make it fun, delicious and most of all sustainable in that all the decisions you make can be undertaken for a long period of time and there is no quick fix’s involved. Oh, and did I mention, LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF. If we don’t believe in ourselves, and back ourselves, then it is a bit hard to expect positive change. 

What are your key go to ingredients that you keep your kitchen stocked with?

In order to have a healthy snack on hand, any time of day I think you need coconut oil, raw cacao, sweet potatoes and eggs! Coconut oil is a fantastic source of energy and great to cook with, make raw treats, or add to smoothies! Raw cacao can pretty much turn anything into chocolate so yeah, chocolate. Sweet potatoes can be fritters for breakfast, roasted for lunch, or mash for dinner, you can’t go wrong! And eggs are a true superfood, full range of amino acids and delicious and versatile. 

What are your favorite healthy cafes/restaurants you like to eat at?

This question has made me hungry! In Melbourne, I always hit up Thrive in Emporium as it’s a quick and easy feed when in the CBD. Bondi Wholefoods in Sydney always has my heart whether in Surry Hills or Bondi. NoDo Doughnuts in Brisbane is literally heaven; they do healthy doughnuts and the best sweet potato waffles you’ll find! 

Who are your roles models?

I look up to everyday people who overcome adversity in extraordinary circumstances. From young kids who brave unfortunate illness, to people who face cancer head on with a positive attitude. When I read, watch or hear stories of everyday people smiling in the face ion hardship, it reminds me to be grateful for my life and it inspires me to be a better man and make the most of everything I am fortunate to experience in life. 



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