January 13, 2018

A 12-Minute Bodyweight Workout

This Biggest Loser Trainer shows us how it's done.
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Libby Babet is the newest trainer on The Biggest Loser: Transformed as well as the founder of BUF Girls online training and Agoga Bondi gym - so you can say she knows a thing or two about exercise.

Her exclusive 12-minute bodyweight workout is the perfect mix of high repetition cardio and strength that you can do anytime, anywhere.

What you need: a mat or towel and a clock

How it works: there are 5 exercises in this workout (6 if you count doing one of the moves on both your left and right sides!).

After a warm-up, you’ll do the first exercise for 60 seconds, with as much intensity as you can, going for max repetitions with good form. Once your time is up, rest for 60 seconds and then launch into the next exercise. You are essentially moving from one exercise to the next in the same 60 seconds ON, 60 seconds OFF format.

Beginners or the time poor can stop after just one round and still get a great workout. If you’re up for a true challenge, then repeat the set 3 times.


1.     Air Squats – aim for 45+ reps

2.     Push-ups – aim for 25+ reps (toes or knees, your choice!)

3.     Reverse Lunge-to-Knee-Drive on the RIGHT leg – aim for 35+ reps

4.     Reverse Lunge-to-Knee-Drive on the LEFT leg – aim for 35+ reps

5.     10 x High Knees to 10 x Mountain Climber Combo – aim for 6+ rounds

6.     Compound Crunches – move a bit slower on these, aim for 12 (beginner), 15 (intermediate) or 25+ rounds (advanced)


Images: Libby Babet


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