Can justify spending $20 on smashed avo? This is for you.
August 16, 2018

8 signs to know you’re a foodie

Can justify spending $20 on smashed avo? This is for you. Pics: @gatherandfeast
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Do you love food and it’s the meaning of your life? Are you the queen of salad bowls or have more pics on your camera roll of food than selfies? Looks like you aren’t alone and here are 8 signs to know if you are a fully fledged foodie. 

You can justify spending $20 on smashed avo and poached eggs

I mean let’s be serious, for under $20 you could buy a whole loaf of bread, carton of eggs and avocado… but it’s just so much better at a café. How does anyone perfect a poached egg?! That’s an art form itself and let’s just take a moment to appreciate sourdough bread, store bought just doesn’t compare. Have you ever noticed that the avocado is always perfectly ripe and lusciously green? Well it looks like we have totally justified every dollar spend and boy was it worth it.

Your hunger pangs can be fatal

Send an emergency SOS text because HUNGRY. You don’t just get the feeling of wanting to eat but your body goes into complete lockdown until it has food. Not just any food will do and if your craving tells you to eat sushi nothing will get in your way from consuming it #hangry.

It’s a crime to skip breakfast 

Who are these creatures that can’t eat breakfast or just forget to eat in general? For us foodies we are excited to fall asleep as its like a time warp to breakfast. Choices are endless! Will it be a hot bowl of porridge, peanut butter and banana on toast or an acai bowl? Each day is a chance for something new.

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You look at the menu a week in advance and plan every dish to order

You sit down, look at the menu and your friend asks you what you feel like eating. You have secretly already looked at the menu and narrowed down all the potential contenders. Your decision takes a minute and now its time to death stare the waiter until they bring your glorious food.  

It’s all about the Insta shot!

Standing on a chair is certainly a normal thing to do for that perfect snap shot. You can’t expect to gain the likes with a basic boring photo, its all about the perfect lighting and angles.

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When planning a vacation, you put just as much thought into hotels as you do restaurants

Most normal people plan a holiday to escape the everyday stresses of life or weather. For a foodie, holidays take a completely different approach and its all about the dining experiences and new foods to add on the list/ vocabulary. Yes, l do plan on taking a day trip to a foreign location because they have a five star restaurant with a six course degustation menu that looks to die for! 

Zomato is your bible

Star rating is everything and there’s no way you’re eating at a café or restaurant that falls under a three. This app is a must-have to check what’s on the menu, view photos and read reviews. It’s also how you check the coolest new eatery’s in and around your area.

Setting goals with food as the reward

You are completely consumed with work or school and don’t have a lot of time to eat. When you start setting goals to tick off your long to-do list the reward you get is food. Yes! finished that final 200 words on my essay, time to eat that choc bliss ball.  

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Words by Tamika Datson
Pics by @GatherandFeast


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