Party season is upon us! Here is now to enjoy a cocktail without being a 'weight gain' statistic
November 09, 2018

5 Guilt-free Cocktails in Sydney

Party season is upon us! Here is now to enjoy a cocktail without being a 'weight gain' statistic
Cocktail One

Bottoms up! The silly season is approaching we’re celebrating with the five best cocktails in Sydney that are virtually guilt-free (okay, maybe not totally guilt-free, but certainly a teensy bit healthier). Word of warning, while they may contain ingredients that are good for you, they are still alcoholic 

1 Mojo Moxie 
Matcha-steeped Archie Rose gin, lemon sugar, and egg whites combine for an unforgettable burst of antioxidants. It has pow because despite being alcoholic Matcha has high levels of Epigallocatechin gallate (more commonly known as EPCG) which is touted to help fight cancer and encourage weight loss. Plus more than half the protein in an egg is said to be found in the white, making this practically healthy. 
Location: Papa Geddes, Kent Street, Sydney. 

2 Beetroot Mojito 

Cacao washed rum, organic beetroot, house-made plum bitters and cold-pressed citrus served straight up. The earthy taste of the beetroot intermingling with the plum bitters is somewhat of an acquired taste. Love it or not, once you’ve had a few, you’ll be loving the effect of the rum. Beetroot is believed to have multiple health benefits including lowering blood pressure and may increase exercise stamina. 
Location: Solander’s Dining & Bar, Sussex St, Sydney 

3. Wheat Grass and Elderflower Martini 
Forget what you’ve learned about wheat grass, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the freshness of the flavours like basil, mint, and thyme. You’ll also find this on the menu at the bar at Sydney’s new hotel—The West—among other unusual offerings such as nettle-based cocktails and Pina Coladas fused with kale. 
Location: Solander’s Dining & Bar, Sussex St, Sydney 

cocktail three

4. Carroty kid  
Earl grey infused Johnny Walker, slow pressed carrot and tarragon, lemon, soda and dehydrated carrot. If you’re a fan of carrot juice, you’ll be thrilled to learn there’s a cocktail you’ll be powerless to resist. The addition of tarragon makes this a unique blend. 
Location: PS40, King Street, Sydney 

5. Matcha Milk Punch 
A fresh spin on a traditional recipe using milk punch—a cocktail staple of bartenders worldwide. It’s described by some as a roller coaster of flavour and with the addition of Matcha powder, provides a lingering sweet aftertaste. the benefits of which we’ve discussed above,  Location: Tokyo BIrd, 226-228 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills. 

At FITtopia, we encourage responsible drinking. 



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