Platypus milk?
July 11, 2018

4 Milks You Never Knew Existed

Platypus milk?
Hemp milk2

Being dairy-free doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to milk completely. Back when your great grandmother was a girl, it was cow’s milk or nothing. Fortunately for those of us who try to steer away from consuming too much dairy or suffer with lactose intolerance, there are other options. Almond, soy, cashew and rice milk are some of the tried and tested you may already be familiar with, but we bet you haven’t heard of these ones.

Platypus milk

Who doesn't love a cute web-toed, duck-billed, a bit otter-like looking platypus? The epitome of cuteness, but would you believe the humble platypus is now at the forefront of life-saving technology? A miraculous discovery back in 2010 revealed platypus milk has potent properties that may be life-saving when it comes to fighting superbugs. CSIRO researchers and Deakin University are still in early experimental stages and attempting to recreate a protein from the milk. However, should platypus milk ever become a sought-after elixir, it's not going to be cheap. Don't let the cuteness fool you, these little critters are venomous and milking them is not an easy task. They don't have nipples. Milk is secreted in small amounts on to their pads. This is not vegan.

Hemp milk

When it comes to trends, hemp milk is being touted as being one of the best sources of plant-based protein and contains more calcium than cow's milk. It's even believed to boost your immune system, give you healthy heart, skin, hair and nails and increase your mental capacity.
Whether you're café-ing in Bondi or Surry Hills, you're bound to find hemp seeds on the menu in organic cafes, after all it is the new superfood. And who knew you could make a milk from it? The commercial variety of hemp milks are described as grassy tasting. (Go figure!), but the non-dairy alternative is quick and easy to make at home. All you need is a quick mix bar whizz sticky thing or a blender, a cup of hemp seeds (you can purchase them from any good organic shop), 4 cups of water, pitted Medajool date, pinch of salt, strain through a cloth and VOILA! Word on the street is it’s better tasting than the commercial variety. Keep your milk chilled and it should last for at least 7 days.

Quinoa Milk

We don't have to preach the nutritional benefits of quinoa, you've heard it all before about being a complete protein and all the essential benefits, but now it's in milk form. If you're gluten-free, it's not a bad option to try and seems to taste okay-ish when added your morning caffeine fix once you get used to the. It can be an taste and there is a bit of a lingering after taste. Keep in mind it's not recommended for babies.

Donkey Milk

Ass milk (yes, it's what they actually call it!) is has been held in high esteem for years. Cleopatra and Romans used to bathe in it, but it's nutritional properties are also excellent. For starters, we're told it's casein free, and according to research, suitable for those with allergies to cow's milk 1. Studies3 conducted in 2016 concluded Donkey milk may even prevent artery hardening. It's described as having a nutty flavour. We haven't had much luck sourcing it here in Australia




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