How Can I Claim a Listing 

Click on your business page. There will be a button saying ‘claim business’ right under the business address and title.

Can I Share a Story Idea with Fittopia featuring myself or my business? 

You sure can, we love to hear from experts who have story ideas. Please email your story ideas to

Will You Run an Announcement of our events? 

If you are running an event, please feel free to email the details to for consideration. We can’t guarantee that everything will run, but we will certainly do our best to run all the good things in the health and fitness space 

What Do I Do If I Get a Negative Review?  

We encourage the FITtopia community to be friendly, however occasionally bad reviews may happen.

We have created the site so that you can comment on reviews, which means that you can tell your side of the story. We would also suggest messaging the person who gave you a bad review to try to clear up the situation. You can message them on their FITtopia profile.

If you feel that your review is completely unfair, please feel free to email us with your reasoning at 


Can I upload a business even if it isn’t mine? 

Yes you can. If you know of an awesome healthy spot that you would like to see on the site, you can put it up on the businesses behalf.

At the top of the website you will see a button called ‘List a Place’. You can list your place of choice from there 

What Do I Do If I Find That a listing is incorrect or that isn't a health place?

Please email and we will fix up the incorrect information

How Can I get In Touch with a studio, health professional or cafe to book a class or make a reservation

The businesses will have a phone number and/ or email on their FITtopia page. Please feel free to contact them directly

In time FITtopia will offer bookings as well so you will be able to do everything from the one place, but for now please liaise with the businesses directly.

How Can I write a review? 

Click onto the business that you want to reviews page. Scroll to the bottom and you will find a button saying ‘write a review’. You will need to be logged in to do this


Fittopia media hub


Is the content I see new or has it been published elsewhere? 

Experts are encouraged to upload new and unused content, explaining to them that reposting content published elsewhere may affect SEO rankings for both themselves and the publications.

In the case that they have uploaded used content as a story idea (in opposed to being a completely new article), we have asked that they disclose that the content and wording has run elsewhere (ie. on their own blog) at the bottom of the content.

Please note that experts are aware that journalists may not run their content as is and that you may prefer to just take an extract or quote them in an article. 

If another journalist takes an extract from an article, a note will be made at the bottom of the article. The next journalist who is interested in that piece of content will be able to see that a portion has been extracted for potential publication elsewhere. 

How will the experts content be displayed? 

Experts will either upload content in an article format or they may choose to just upload a story idea and an explanation.

If you like the story idea please feel free to message the expert directly by sending them a private message.

To do this visit their expert profile and click "contact me" or start a new private message via their account.

Can I take extracts from the content or do I need to run the content as is? 

The experts have been informed that journalists will often just take an extract from their content, or reword it slightly in opposed to running it ‘as is’.

Having said that, if big changes have been made we suggest writing to the expert through our platform to inform them.

Please note that if an extract is taken from an article, a note will be made at the bottom of the article. The next journalist who is interested in the article will be able to see that a portion has been extracted for potential publication elsewhere.

What do I do if I have a further question for the expert?

You can message the expert by visiting their expert profile and click "contact me" or start a new private message via their account.

What do I do if I want to run the experts content exclusively? 

At the bottom of each article/ story idea that is posted you will see a red section that asks if you would like to use the content exclusively.

Click on ‘Request Now’ and a request will be sent to the expert. Once they accept your request, the content will disappear from the site so no other journalist can use it.

If you choose to request the content exclusively please publish it, or if for any reason you can no longer publish that content please let the expert know so they can repost it to the site.

I’m looking for an expert to feature in my article, what are my options? 

There are a few options.

We have an ‘Expert Directory’ where you can find an expert and contact them directly. You can find the Expert Directory here 

You can also submit a call out which will go to our entire expert database. Post what you are looking for in the subject line (ie. ‘Nutritionists’- Probiotics and Gut Health). Experts will receive your call out and if they would like to contribute to the story they will pitch themselves into you. To submit a call out, go to ‘Find a Story’, scroll to the bottom and select ‘Submit a Call Out'

I am working on a story and i’m looking for an expert to comment, how do I post my brief? 

To submit a call out, go to ‘Find a Story’, scroll to the bottom and select ‘Submit a Call Out'

Make sure you write the topic and type of expert you are looking for in the subject line ie. ‘Nutritionists: Top Health Trends this Season'

How can I get imagery? 

The experts will upload low res images with their articles that you can download.  If you need high res images please request from the expert. (ultimately our site will offer high res imagery but for now it slows down the site)

Crediting the source 

Please credit the source if you are running their content and, where possible, include a link to their website or social media page


Experts are encouraged to disclose all of their qualifications and titles, but please be mindful to double check with them. We do our best to monitor all experts, but it is always good to double check



How do I set up my profile? 

Set up your profile by selecting a ‘FITtopia Platinum' account here: Link is here NOTE that as well as offering the ‘Media Hub’, FITtopia also offers a ‘fitness advisory’ and consumer faced editorial platform. By becoming a Media Hub Expert, you will have access to both of these services.  Be sure to upload your business details and location as well as your qualifications and credentials. More information on FITtopia can be found here

To set up your ‘FITtopia Platinum’ account, choose the third option for $99 which will give you access to everything

When you click ‘purchase’, scroll down to enter your business information. Your business information must be entered to create your profile and this will be listed on the FITtopia consumer site. The scroll further down to see the bank details area. The web page will not always scroll to it, but if you scroll down it will be there

Upload your information, profile, details. If you have any issues email 

How do I post my content?

  • Log into the site
  • Go to ‘My Account’ and ‘Edit my Details’
  • On the left you will see options, you should be able to upload your content from there
  • Make sure your content is detailed. If you are referring to studies/ new research etc. please include a link so it is easier for the journalist to validate fact-based claims in your content.
  • Make sure you include a detailed ‘Summary’ of your article as the overview is what will entice the journalist to click on it 
  • Please note where it says Designation and Description when setting up your profile page. The content you put in these boxes is the content that will show up on the main page for the journalists to see. Your Designation should be what you do ie. Exercise Scientist, PT, Nutritionist, Health Coach. Your Description should be more specific ie. TRX expert, gut health expert, endurance runner etc.

What is the purpose of Media Hub? 

The purpose of the Media Hub is to help experts and businesses build credibility, gain exposure, and provide valuable insight to new potential clients by being featured on reputable publications and news websites.

We help you gain exposure through ‘Editorial’ and ‘Content Marketing’ avenues.  

What is editorial? 

Editorial is ‘earnt’ coverage that gives readers valuable insights. In contrast, advertising is paid for and therefore allowed to include ‘loud’ brand messaging. As such, when posting your content to the media hub, or working with a journalist, it’s fine to mention your brand once and insert a hyperlink/ link to your site, but be aware that if your content has overt advertising in it, the journalists are unlikely to publish it

What is content marketing? 

Content marketing is when you submit a story idea that is relevant to your business (ie. if you were a F45 Franchise owner you may submit content on ‘5 benefits of HIIT training) to educate readers on what you do with the intention of hopefully driving them to your site/ service. This content is generally published online and the objectives are: 

  • To educate readers on what you do/ what you offer in an effort to tell them why they may need/ enjoy your services through engaging/ informative or interesting content
  • Generally the publication will include a hyperlink to your business which will boost SEO and your site ranking on google. The article should also come up when people google you which should give you more credibility to potential clients/ customers

How is the best way to post the content? 

You don’t need to be the best writer when posting your content as it’s the journalists job to make it sound great, but you do need to be clear on what you are saying to ensure the media can understand you at the glance.

We suggest the ‘5 second rule’ where if someone can’t understand what you are trying to say in 5 seconds, then rejig your content.

When posting your content it’s a good idea to lead with the ‘punch line’ or ’sound bite' of the article and then explain yourself throughout the piece. This way the media knows exactly what they are getting from the start. 

For example if your angle is: Is HIIT good for you? You would start with the best information first ie. Research shows that HIIT training does this, this and this xxxx. Then you would go onto explain it afterwards.

If you are including studies, research etc. please quote your source and/ or include a hyperlink to it so the journalist can easily do a fact check 

Please refer to our training manual for more information/ tips and advice on this or if you need a hand email

How do I find the best angle to suit my business? 

As mentioned above, the purpose of content marketing is to tell readers about what you do in an engaging/ informative way. The objective is to show them why they need you, so when posting your story ideas it’s a good idea to post ideas that are relevant to you.

For example, if you're a personal trainer who specialises in functional movement, examples of story ideas for you may be:

  • A workout
  • Intensity vs. integrity
  • What are functional movement patterns and how can I work on them
  • 5 of the best exercises for the desk bound
  • The 5 best functional exercises to add into your routine today
  • How to avoid burnout or injury in the gym

You may later decide that you want to attract a crowd that are into paleo or cross fit (for example) and if that is the case you would submit story ideas that are relevant to that audience ie.

  • How to fuel post workout
  • What to eat in the lead up to the cross fit games
  • 5 recovery exercises to do daily if your go- to workout is cross fit

How do I receive messages from media?

  • Log into the site
  • Go to ‘My Account’ and ‘Edit my Details’
  • On the left you will see ‘messages’ and this is how you can respond to media
  • If your email is connected to your membership, the messages from journalists should come straight to your email account as well
  • Here is a link to messages

What is the etiquette with media/ how do i write to them? 

Australian journalists are very busy and work to tight, fast deadlines so here are some tips to help you get your ideas over the line with them:

  • Avoid long winded messages: Say hello and be nice, but keep in mind that most journalists receive hundreds of emails a day so make sure you send them the information that they have asked for in a clear and concise way. There is no need to linger and make your email long
  • Send them good content: A journalist needs to write articles that are around 400 words or more, so if you send them your 5 health tips and you simply write 'water, sleep, eat your vegetables’, that is not going to be very helpful to them. Try your best to send them interesting information (this is your chance to shine after all), but if you are just sharing general tips, please expand on them so the journalist has something to work with to create an amazing article. For example, why is water good for you? How much should you drink? When/ Why etc. Add in some additional information to help educate their reader further on why you included this tip
  • Get back to them quickly: Please respond to them as soon as you see the message, even if you are just responding to say that you have received the message, you are interested and you will come back to them in 2 hours. If they request answers etc. respond within the day. If you are too busy to do that, please send them an ETA on when they can expect your answers

If you are seen to be helpful, timely and to provide good and informative content the journalists will most likely start coming to you directly to feature you. If you are helpful to them they will usually be good back to you.

What is a call out? 

When a journalist has a story/ article that they are working on, they will often look for an expert to feature or quote to give the story credibility. As such, the journalist may choose to ‘Submit a Call Out’ via the Media Hub. 

When this happens, all of the experts on our platform will receive an email/ message to alert them that a journalist is looking for an expert to comment. Journalists will usually put the topic and expert they are looking for in the heading i.e.: ‘Nutritionist: looking for top health trends of the season’

If you are a nutritionist who can comment on this topic, pitch yourself in for the story. To do this send over your name, link to your website, bio, info on you. If you are not relevant to this angle, please disregard it- you don’t need to write to the journalist if a call out is not relevant to you.

If the journalist wishes to use you for the story they will respond. You can find their response in your Media Hub messages, on your email (if you have your email linked) or both

How do I respond to a call out? 

The call out will appear in your ‘messages’ and you can respond to it there 

What is a quote? 

A ‘quote’ is when a journalist wants you to comment on something for their article. Ie. if they ask you what the benefit of HIIT training is (for example), they may write in their article ‘According to Ben Lucas, HIIT training is ‘xxx’.

Plagiarism vs Original Content:  

Content written on the FITtopia Media Hub needs to be 100% original. If a journalist attempts to publish content that has been plagiarised, Google’s SEO penalises both the publication and your business from it’s Google rankings. If it’s your own content that has already run on your own website PLEASE SPECIFY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE ARTICLE so the journalist is aware. A journalist can always repurpose your content, but they need to know

Will the media post my content as I have uploaded it? 

The Australian media have the right to run anything they like, and alongside any image that like. Generally with the health and fitness media they are very careful and they quote experts accordingly, but please be aware that some publications do tend to sensationalize a story, or they may change your content around or put your content into quotes. Be aware that this often happens and sometimes the journalist who wrote the article won’t even have the final say on what is published, it will be up to the editor. FITtopia has NO CONTROL over what gets published elsewhere.

What do I do if the content I have uploaded has been published elsewhere? 

If the content that you have uploaded to Media Hub has been published elsewhere, including on your own website PLEASE DISCLOSE THIS.

A journalist can always repurpose your content so it can be reused, but if they post the content as is, google may see it as plagiarism and this can affect both their site and yours. Be mindful of this and make sure you are transparent.

If the content has only run in print (as in not online at all) just mention that it has run in print before so they are aware

Your Qualifications 

We encourage all experts to put down all of their qualifications and titles. Please be honest about your qualifications. Having a lot of qualifications is not always too important to media, they are more interested in the quality of your ideas and content


Please do not upload images over 1 MB to our website. If the journalist needs a higher res image from you they will contact you directly.

Please note that the art directors of media outlets choose the imagery and videos that run on the site alongside your article. Feel free to provide images that they can use to publish, but if they decide to run something else they are completely within their right.
While we will do our very best to get you featured, there is no guarantee. FITtopia Media Hub exists to get you in front of key journalists for a fraction of what it would cost you to run a dedicated PR campaign. If you would like a dedicated PR campaign, reach out to for options