All from the comfort of your own home
June 28, 2018

The Must-Do DIY Natural Hydrating Face Mask for Winter

All from the comfort of your own home
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Its official, winter is well and truly upon us. The chilling temperature and strong winds can be harsh on the skin often leaving it feeling dry, cracked and lacklustre. 

Facemasks are a great way to hydrate, moisturise and uplift your complexion. Making your own natural facemask from ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen is not only economical but protects you from harmful additives in many store bought facemasks.

Oatmeal & avocado

This oatmeal and avocado facemask is a must-do in winter. The oatmeal helps to sooth and reduce redness on the skin whilst the avocado moisturises and helps reduce inflamed skin among other things.


½ cup oatmeal

½ ripe avocado


Cook oats as per packet instructions and allow to cool down. Mash avocado and add to the cooked oats. Mix well until it forms an even consistency. Apply to your skin and leave it on for around 10-15 minutes or until it dries. After, rinse it off with lukewarm water and dry your skin.   

Banana & Yoghurt

Bananas are the perfect on-the-run breakfast but they also have amazing skin benefits! They are packed with nutrients and vitamins to help fight blemishes, eliminate dryness and even your skin tone. Yoghurt that contains lactic acid helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles to reveal bright glowing skin.


½ banana

1-2 tbsp of plain yoghurt


Mash banana and add yoghurt. Mix well till combined. Spread evenly on the face and leave for around 20 minutes or until dry. Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat skin dry.

Honey & Lemon

Honey and lemon are one of the most common household ingredients and two essentials for clear beautiful skin. Lemon helps to remove dead skin cells whilst honey has antibacterial properties helping to fight free radical damage on the skin.


½ lemon

1-2 tbsp of honey


Mix together the juice of lemon and honey together in a bowl till combined. Apply all over the face avoiding your eyes. Let it soak in the skin for around 25 minutes or so then rinse off with lukewarm water. Pat dry with a towel and apply your favourite moisturiser to really hydrate your skin.

So there you have it, our favourite must-do facemasks you need to try this winter. But if you don’t have time to create your own, here are a few of our favourite salons in Sydney. 

Face Plus MediSpa Bondi Junction: Try The Herbal Aktiv Peal

Zen Facial Bronte Beach: Book a Deep Rejuvenation Facial

SpaQ QT Sydney: Try the Rejuvenating Essentials Facial  

All Saints Skin Clinic Double Bay: Book a Microdermabrasion  


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